Pastor vows to take back Spelling Bee for God

Fayetteville, Ark.–The revelation came for Dale Bummitt, pastor of God’s Way Church, when he was watching the finals of Scripps National Spelling Bee: God was calling him to “take back the Spelling Bee for Him.”

“I started watching, and most of the kids on there had names I couldn’t even pronounce, let alone spell,” Bummitt recalls. “Half of them were from India, a couple were from Japan or China or something, and only two of them were real Americans. Up on that stage, we were the minority.”

Bummitt says he has seen the effects of immigration for years, with members of his congregation losing call center jobs to “‘Mike’ from New Delhi,” and labor work to Mexicans. He knew his church had to do something, though, when Middle Eastern engineers started moving into their neighborhoods and taking their valuable jobs. 

“I knew there was no way to get all of these Indians deported all at once, but God revealed that there was another way we could get back at them. We need to take back the Spelling Bee for Christian America. Most of these families either don’t believe in God, or they believe in so many of them you can’t keep it all straight. I knew God didn’t want all of our scholarships and prizes going to all these people who didn’t even grow up speaking English.”

In the days after the National Bee, Bummitt and his Sunday School volunteers combed their ranks for kids who would have what it takes to take on the Hindus and Buddhists. 

“At first, we were looking at children in our Christian School, and we just weren’t finding anyone. But then I remembered that the real Americans from the National Bee were homeschooled. There’s just something about homeschoolers that makes them better at things like spelling.”

Before long, they found Isaiah Gunderson, a bookish 4th grader who was one of the church’s top AWANA students. They explained to the boy that instead of earning his AWANA awards by memorizing Bible verses, he would learn Greek and Latin roots and the rules of  spelling for the French language. “Most of the really hard words were French,” Bummitt explained. 

“Isaiah was a natural. He’s allergic to grass, so he never goes outside, and he’s so shy that he doesn’t have any friends to distract him from the spelling. We put a dictionary in his hands, and the rest will be history.”

Bummitt plans to travel with Isaiah to Washington, D.C. when he makes it to the Bee. “It will give us a great platform to spread the gospel. I don’t have any doubts that he’ll make it, either. God gave this dream to us, and we know he won’t let us down. Jesus makes your dreams come true.”


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  1. lampeter Says:

    You are hysterical.

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